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Mint Hill Carpet Cleaning
You can give your complete trust with all the carpets in your home to Mint Hill, NC carpet cleaning professionals at A&A Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning.We love to clean carpets in Mint Hill in addition to surrounding areas with professional precision and intuitive equipment and tools. Our employees are professionally trained and certified to assure world class quality of sparkling clean carpet that dries quickly.

We take pride in the fact that we can easily remove pet stains that other carpet cleaning companies in the area are merely not able to cleanMint Hill Carpet Cleaning in Mint Hill, NC.The secret to our success lies in the power of carbonation - A&A Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning uses a proprietary carbonated cleaning solution that is the most effective means of cleaning carpets and removing tough stains.That method is called, The Natural. It is 100% green, eco-friendly and safe for your family, home and pets as well as the environment.

Better yet, our cleaning process requires a fraction of the water that most all steam cleaners use. Steam Technology is Old Technology.This means that less water is being forced down into your carpet fibers and padding, which ultimately eliminates the risk of mold, mildew and other harmful bacteria. Schedule a Free Estimate today for your carpet cleaning needs in Mint Hill, NC!